Waving Flag


Waving Flag

As you will see when you scour the ‘old’ internet, most of the sites were really elegant and classy… The colour combinations were truly impressive, and the GIF’s were of the highest standard!

blue line

A significant part of old sites is pixels, and how easy it was to see them (oh joy!). As a result, I have made this GIF larger than it should be, so you can see the pixels nice and easily (no need to thank me)

So, if you want to see the class homepage, then click on the link below and it should take you there…


And to see a friends site, click below

blue line

The site I picked had pictures of dogs on it, so I decided I would compete and put a picture of my dog Charlie on my site for my ‘new’ picture.

bad-ass dog

Incase you were wondering what I looked like writing this website, please see below for an effective illustration…


dog gif

This is some text in glorious colour, and a different font! I guess I could ask if you think Charlie is better looking than the dogs on the other persons page...

say yes!

This concludes my homepage site. I hope you liked it!